Business and Investment

Xtrategy works with its clients to formulate and implement their commercial and operational strategies. We support the development of our clients’ internal and market-oriented capacities, based on the architecture and culture of their organization.

What sets Xtrategy apart in strengthening organizational capacities is how we continue working with our clients to materialize the winning solutions that we identify.

Our clients include large corporations, medium sized companies, State-owned companies, government agencies, unions and multilateral organizations.

The Xtrategy team has extensive experience in internationalization strategies. Our expertise with business associations, embassies, state entitiesgovernment agencies, investors, free zones, distribution centers and corporations make us experts in the subject. We work alongside with your organization in its corporate or institutional strategy to successfully define the ideal markets to position your products or services abroad through the following products:


Their high level of communication and work culture allows them to cooperate as a specialized community that produces honey and enriches the world.